Why It’s Important to Treat Tooth Decay Promptly

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If you develop any concern with your oral health, then your dentist’s advice for addressing it will likely be to do so as soon as possible. When it comes to dealing with oral health concerns, this is especially important advice, as most of them will continually grow worse the longer it takes you to address them. Take tooth decay for example, which is the most common oral health concern for adults and children alike. While you can usually treat tooth decay conservatively with a tooth-colored filling, it will only work if you treat the tooth as soon as possible, before the decay has a chance to cause more significant damage to your tooth structure.

The effects of your tooth decaying

The fact that tooth decay is often treated in its earlier stages is one reason why it doesn’t typically seem like a serious problem to most people. When it’s addressed early, tooth decay is most notable for the cavity that it causes in your tooth structure. This can lead to various levels of tooth discomfort, but in the early stages of decay, it’s usually milder. However, the process of your tooth decaying is a serious concern from the start, as it involves the permanent erosion of your healthy, natural tooth enamel and structure.

What a tooth filling can do for your tooth

The reason early treatment is necessary for addressing tooth decay is because you have to stop the decay’s progression in order to save the rest of your tooth structure. In mild to moderate stages, tooth decay mainly affects the main part of your tooth’s crown structure, which is a strong and durable substance known as dentin. This makes up the most substantial part of your tooth, and if it develops a cavity, then a filling can restore the structure that’s been lost after your dentist has cleaned away the infected tooth structure.

Avoiding more serious complications

When you fill a cavity, the restoration gives your tooth its strength and integrity back, and it helps it maintain that integrity by ensuring the cavity doesn’t grow any larger. This involves carefully protecting the tooth structure from potentially harmful oral bacteria, which is an important reason why many patients choose biocompatible composite resin fillings. The customizable resin can create a tight and secure bond with your tooth structure, helping to ensure that the tooth remains safe from bacteria in the future.

Learn how to treat your tooth decay promptly

Treating tooth decay promptly is the best way to prevent it from getting more serious, and can often be accomplished with a tooth-colored, biocompatible filling. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us by calling the office of Dr. Stuart Dexter in Prairie Village, KS, today at 913-362-8200.