Things that Chronic Teeth-Grinding Can Impact

The act of grinding your teeth doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially if it doesn’t make your teeth hurt in the moment. This is one reason why people who have bruxism (or chronic teeth-grinding) don’t always recognize it as a problem, or are surprised when it leads to even more substantial oral health concerns. Today, we take a look... read more »

Things Dental Implants Can Help Your Restoration Do Better

The biggest difference between most modern dental prostheses is their size, which depends on the number of teeth that each restoration is designed to replace. For example, a dental bridge works best for replacing individual lost teeth, while dentures are more appropriate for extensive or complete cases of tooth loss. However, there’s another important difference between conventional bridges and dentures... read more »

National Gum Care Month Is a Good Reminder for You To Prevent Gum Disease

September is National Gum Care Month, so let’s talk about everything related to gums. This month is a good time to reflect on your dental health and commit to taking better care of your gums. Sometimes, we forget your gums help keep your teeth in their place and functioning at top capacity. When your gums are damaged, you risk losing... read more »

Why It’s Important to Treat Tooth Decay Promptly

If you develop any concern with your oral health, then your dentist’s advice for addressing it will likely be to do so as soon as possible. When it comes to dealing with oral health concerns, this is especially important advice, as most of them will continually grow worse the longer it takes you to address them. Take tooth decay for... read more »

Potentially Serious Reasons Behind a Toothache

The thing about toothaches is that the reason why they occur isn’t always obvious. The fact that your tooth hurts may not be something you can ignore, but if the sensitivity is minor, it can be easy to overlook as something you don’t have to worry about, or that will disappear on its own. Unfortunately, most of the many different... read more »

When You Might Benefit from Jawbone Grafting

When certain concerns develop with your oral health, there can sometimes be additional factors to consider that may not be immediately obvious at first. For example, take the loss of your healthy, natural tooth structure. After losing one or more teeth, it can seem like the worst of the condition is obvious, especially in its impact to your smile’s appearance... read more »

Things You Might Have to Deal With Because of Tooth Loss

Losing one or more teeth can be the start of several other progressively worse concerns for your oral health. Typically, the severity of these concerns depends on the specific cause of your tooth loss, as well as the time it takes to successfully address the loss of your teeth. Today, we explain a few things that you may have to... read more »

Experiencing TMJ Symptoms and Pain? Our Doctor May Be Able to Help

When it comes to your jaw, some things can go wrong that may necessitate medical intervention. Specifically, if you have temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), which is one of the most common pain disorders our oral surgeons see. This disorder affects millions of Americans, most often women, although anyone can have TMJ symptoms. You might have TMJ if you find yourself... read more »

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Dealing With Tooth Loss Can Restore Your Bite Function

Losing just one tooth can change the way you are able to bite and chew, and losing several can force you to cut certain items from your diet entirely. This can negatively impact your ability to enjoy nutrient-rich meals, and it can force changes in your jaw movement that raise your risk for TMJ disorder. Fortunately, prosthetic dental restorations can... read more »

Recognize National Fresh Breath Day With Fresh Breath!

The mouth is home to millions of bacteria, some of them good and some bad. In fact, half of the bacteria in your mouth can lead to bad breath! National Fresh Breath Day is observed every year on August 6th to create awareness of oral hygiene in the fight against bad breath. It is a daily battle, and how you... read more »