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Restoring Your Teeth With Prosthodontics

There are a countless number of issues that can threaten the integrity of your oral health, and unfortunately, there are only a handful of practices we can take part in to ensure complete protection. Indeed, infection and decay can affect anyone’s smile at any time, and sometimes it can occur much more rapidly than one might hope. Fortunately, cutting-edge technology... read more »

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Do I Really Benefit From An Implant?

When it comes to dentistry and overall oral health, there are a great number of factors that are brought into consideration. For instance, an individual typically wants to maintain a gorgeous and bright appearance, while also ensuring that it is functioning properly and each structure is healthy. That being said, ensuring proper health is an ongoing and heavily-involved process. While... read more »

In Office Smile Care

Thanks to cutting-edge dental technology and procedures, treatments such as restorative dentistry help us manage the effects of dangerous decay, infection, and more much easier. Indeed, this is truly a helpful process when it comes to taking care of our grins, as there are countless factors that threaten their integrity. Still, when it comes down to it, preventive dentistry is... read more »

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Treating Infection With Composite Fillings

Dental decay is among many complications that pose a major threat to your health. In its early stages, it may appear is nothing more than a small cavity. As it progresses, however, it can lead to significant tooth loss and infection. What’s more, loss impacts your oral structure and function, putting you at risk of developing even more health-threatening complications.... read more »

Spring Has Sprung! Call Today To Schedule Your Spring Dental Cleaning!

Spring is officially here! Along with the shifting, warmer weather and blossoming trees and bushes (hello, allergies!), spring feels like a time of change, growth, and prosperity. Spring is a time when many of us are excited to clean out our closets, get rid of old clutter and cobwebs in the home, and start some fun projects around the house.... read more »

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Replacement Spanning Several Teeth

It goes without saying that the list of factors that negatively impact our smile is forever expanding. From oral cancer to physical accidents and everything in-between, it can be grueling to keep up and ensure the protection of our grins. While this is true, however, the biggest threat to nearly everyone’s smile involves the dangers of dental decay. In today’s... read more »

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What To Know About Oral Cancer

In last week’s blog, we discussed situations in which a dental extraction may be your best bet to preserving your oral health. In fact, there are what feels like countless threats to your smile that require consistent care to avoid, and sometimes it can take something as simple as sun exposure to cause significant damage. The month of April is... read more »

When Extraction Is Your Last Resort

Your oral health is the top priority to consider when attending your routine preventive care visit. While a great deal of attention is often given to your smile’s appearance, its function and overall quality are just as important, if not even more so. As a result of improper care or other emergency circumstance, some people face major destruction and decay... read more »

Are You Taking Care Of Your Teeth At Home?

There are many different dental treatment options that can address the effects of tooth decay. Tooth decay will damage your teeth over time, but dental fillings and dental crowns can repair this damage to restore your teeth. It will save you time and money in the long run if you do what you can to avoid the need for these... read more »