How Skipping Your Checkup Can Cause Harm To Your Smile

Maintaining excellent oral health habits, including brushing and flossing your teeth, is the first step to achieving a healthful smile for life. An important thing to note, however, is that standard at-home dental care is only half the battle, and actually hinges on routine checkups and cleanings to keep your grin at its best. In fact, toothaches or pain are... read more »

What Chronic Aching Could Mean for Your Tooth

When you develop a toothache, the discomfort itself can be hard to ignore. However, not everyone immediately considers what might be causing their toothache, or why it comes back after they’ve found a way to temporarily relieve it. The truth is that a chronic toothache can indicate one or more of several potential concerns with your tooth or oral health.... read more »

Why It’s Important to Deal with Bruxism

If you have bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, then the problem may not be an obvious one at first. You might notice that you grind your teeth sometimes during the day, but fail to realize how often it occurs at night, or at times when you don’t realize it during the day. The problem with bruxism is that, because you don’t... read more »

Why It’s Important to Replace Lost Teeth

The loss of a tooth, or several teeth, can often seem cosmetic. After all, the appearance of your smile with one or more natural teeth missing can be the most noticeable aspect of the condition. However, replacing one or more lost teeth is more important than just restoring your smile’s healthy, full, and attractive appearance. Today, we explain why it’s... read more »

Prairie Village Tongue Tie

A Solution to Consider for Tongue-Tie

If you have ever had the problem of being unable to eat certain foods or enunciate certain words or letters, whether you are aware of it or not, you may be experiencing ankyloglossia, also known as “tongue-tie.” This condition can cause difficulty during every-day tasks, making speaking, and even eating difficult at times. But can anything really be done? The... read more »

Reduce Your Chances of Losing One or More Teeth

The good news for most people who haven’t experienced tooth loss is that there’s still a good chance to prevent it from ever occurring. Though it can often seem like losing adult teeth is just a natural part of aging, it isn’t, and more often than not, it results from a problem that could have been prevented or treated before... read more »

Specific Ways a Dental Crown Saves Your Tooth

In general, modern dental crowns are a common solution for restoring compromised teeth. However, the specific ways in which a dental crown can save your tooth can sometimes be more comprehensive than you might realize. From restoring and repairing a tooth to improving its overall appearance, a modern dental crown can help many patients address their dental concerns with optimal... read more »

Root Canal Pain Management Tips

If you have ever had a toothache, you already know how much it can hurt. But rather than ignoring the toothache and hoping it will go away on its own, it really should be seen to rule out the need for a root canal to restore a damaged tooth. Most folks associate root canals with pain, but ignoring an infected... read more »