Why Losing a Tooth Matters So Much

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For some people, the biggest concern with tooth loss is the effect is can have on their smile’s appearance. Therefore, if they lose a tooth that isn’t obvious when they smile, then they may not take the loss very seriously. Unfortunately, every lost tooth can have serious consequences on the state of your oral health, even if the empty space isn’t visible to anyone else. Today, we examine why losing even a single tooth matters more to your oral health than you might expect, and why you should take it seriously by seeking a replacement for it as soon as possible.

The cause of it can still be a threat

When you lose a tooth to a severe oral health condition like tooth decay or gum disease, it can seem like the tooth’s loss is the worst-case scenario for the condition. The damage caused to your tooth structure and/or oral tissues by the condition’s progression is a leading cause of the loss, but it may not stop after the tooth is no longer present. For example, in the case of severe gum disease, teeth may be lost because the disease has eroded most of their supportive tissues and bone structure. This erosion can continue if not treated, eroding more of these structures and leading to more oral health complications, including more extensive tooth loss.

Your risk of losing more teeth is higher

The continued damage to your oral tissues and structures that occurs from progressive, severe oral health conditions can increase your risks of losing more teeth if not addressed. However, even after you’ve brought the condition under control, your smile can still be at risk of further tooth loss due to the loss of your healthy, natural teeth roots. Without all of your roots in place, your jawbone structure receives less stimulation and, consequently, fewer minerals and nutrients. Over time, this diminished nutrient supply can cause the structure to resorb on itself, and your dental ridge will lose mass and density in the process.

The sooner you act, the better

The best way to prevent the continued damage caused by tooth loss is to address what caused it, then replace your lost tooth or teeth with a highly lifelike prosthesis. For many patients, this includes the use of one or more dental implant posts to replace the lost teeth roots and offer enhanced support for their prosthesis. Dental implants can help reestablish the stimulation within the bone structure that’s necessary for preserving your dental ridge, allowing them to reduce your risks of experiencing further tooth loss in the future.

Learn how to save your smile after tooth loss

Tooth loss can seem minor if you’ve only lost a single tooth, but if it isn’t replaced promptly, it can have more serious impacts on your oral health than you might expect. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us by calling the office of Dr. Stuart Dexter in Prairie Village, KS, today at 913-362-8200.