What To Know About The Spread Of Decay

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It goes without saying that there are a variety of concerns out there that can affect your oral health, and that it is not limited to one occurrence. From gum disease to sleep apnea, and even to the most common concern of decay, our smiles endure a great deal of threat over the years. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist will take a look at the common concern of decay and how it can spread without treatment, ultimately resulting in tooth loss.

It Starts with Hyperactive Bacteria

Whether you are aware of it or not, every smile contains bacteria. To believe that all traces of bacteria can be removed from our grins is a foolish notion, however, as it is virtually impossible. Instead, our next best option is to ensure an active preventive care routine in order to keep these microorganisms at bay.

Bacteria thrive in the hard-to-access areas of the mouth, and when they have found an area to more or less set up camp, they begin to feed off of the food particles and sugars that we consume on the daily. When this occurs, it causes the bacteria to secrete harmful acids that ultimately aid in the breakdown of our natural structures. In other words, this is how a cavity begins to form.

In its earliest stages, decay reveals itself as a cavity on a tooth. Without proper treatment such as a dental filling to rid the infection, it will continue to grow larger and larger in scope. By having the affected area properly cleaned and the hole filled with a composite resin material, we will be able to prevent the concern from developing into a larger one.

Working Their Way Inward

As decay continues to progress, it begins to dig deeper and deeper into the inner workings of a tooth. Here, the infection will affect your inner dental pulp as well as your nerves, causing problems such as sharp pains, sensitivity, and even functional difficulties. In cases such as these, a filling restoration will fail, and you will need to seek additional treatment such as a root canal. At this stage, your dentist will carefully remove the decaying pulp and fill the canals with a dental material. To finish off the procedure, a crown is secured atop in order to promote adequate healing.

Total Compromission

If your situation continues beyond this extent, your last viable option may be to consider a dental extraction. Removal can prove beneficial in preventing other teeth from enduring a similar fate, and can actually be necessary to preserve your oral health.

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