Treating Infection With Composite Fillings

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Dental decay is among many complications that pose a major threat to your health. In its early stages, it may appear is nothing more than a small cavity. As it progresses, however, it can lead to significant tooth loss and infection. What’s more, loss impacts your oral structure and function, putting you at risk of developing even more health-threatening complications. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist takes a look at the way in which decay spreads, and how handling it early on with a dental filling will yield a healthier smile.

Initial Signs of Decay

Like many other oral concerns, dental decay begins when harmful oral bacteria wreak havoc on your teeth. These bacteria are present in every smile, and it is virtually impossible to eradicate them all. They thrive in the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and feed off of food and sugars we consume. When this occurs, they secrete harmful acids that actively aim to break down your natural structure.

In its earliest stages, decay may present itself as a small hole known as a cavity. As time goes by, the infection will eat its way deeper into the inner workings of a tooth, targeting the dental pulp and nerves. During this stage, you may begin to experience sharp bursts of pain, sensitivity, and difficulty in function. When your condition gets worse, you will likely be facing the increased possibility of extraction as your last viable option. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Reinforcing Oral Strength

To best circumvent the above scenario from occurring, our team recommends seeking treatment as soon as possible. This can be done with a composite dental filling. During this process, our team will carefully but thoroughly remove the decaying portions of the affected tooth and clean the area. We will then fill the open hole with a composite material, and shape it to ensure all openings are covered and to mimic your natural shape. Once this has been completed to satisfaction, we cure the material utilizing a special light, and voila! You are all done.

While treatment such as implants or bridges can be sought once a tooth has been compromised, fillings allow our team to prioritize your oral health and keep your natural teeth. Reach out to our office to learn more about your options.

Natural-Looking Results

A major benefit that accompanies composite fillings is their ability to be shade-matched to your natural grin. In other words, you will not have to worry about a noticeable restoration, as your treatment can provide a near seamless finish and natural-looking results.

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