Removing Decay with a Composite Filling

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3d render of jaw with tooth cavity and cyst. Dental problem concept.

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth as an adult is a process many would never want to endure. It is usually caused by a combination of poor oral hygiene combined with the progression of decay or infection. Fortunately, most dental concerns can be prevented early on if you maintain regular checkups and examinations to track your smile’s health. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist will look at how you can prevent minor to moderate decay from drastically spreading by addressing a structure with a composite filling.

Decaying Structures

Everyone’s grin contains oral bacteria that actively attempt to bring down its strength. They like to nestle in the difficult-to-clean areas of the mouth such as the back molars so they can thrive, feeding on food particles and sugars that cause them to secrete harmful acids. These acids aid in breaking down the healthy natural structure of a tooth. If this process is allowed to continue, the bacteria will continue to damage your teeth and cause bigger concerns such as infection, decay, and ultimately tooth loss. In order to combat this process, your dentist will recommend treating the concern early with a dental filling procedure.

When you attend your visit for a filling, your dentist will begin by carefully cleaning and removing the decayed portions of your tooth so as to remove the harmful bacteria causing the concern. After this step has been completed, we will then fill the open space or cavity with a malleable composite resin material. Your dentist will shape and contour this material so as to fill the opening completely, minimizing chances of further infection from decay. Once it has been shaped and mimics the natural texture and appearance of your teeth, it will be hardened using a special light, and you will be good to go.

Protecting Other Teeth

Not only does filling a cavity prevent decay from spreading throughout a structure, but it prevents harm to surrounding teeth as well. When a tooth becomes compromised, the infection present could pose a threat to other structures in proximity, causing them to decay as well. In cases such as these, sometimes the only solution is to utilize a dental crown to protect surrounding teeth as well as the one in question.

Restoring Your Smile

Another benefit of a composite filling is the fact that it can be tooth-colored, or matched to the shade of your grin. This allows the process to result in a lifelike appearance. Now you won’t have to compromise your health and your smile’s appearance, as most won’t be able to tell that it has been restored at all!

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