Providing Protection Through Crown Restorations

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Ensuring your smile is protected from harm means taking part in a thorough and well-rounded preventive dental routine. While this is often sufficient to fend off most threats, bear in mind, however, that it only takes falling short in your routine one time for infection and bacteria to set in, causing major complications down the line. As such, having a backup plan is a must. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist takes a look at the main benefits of dental crown restorations, as well as how they can provide a lifelike finish.

Protection from Harm

It goes without saying that your smile is constantly under the scrutiny of a variety of different concerns. Indeed, from tooth decay and infection to physical accident or injury and pretty much everything else in-between, there is not much that your smile is safe from. As such, your dentist recommends practicing and involved preventive dental routine to give your smile the best chances of success.

While you may be taking every step and precaution you can, however, that does not mean you are protected from everything. As a matter of fact, it may just take that one time you forgot to brush, the decision not to floss, or even simply poor hygiene in and of itself for bacteria to make their way into your structures and wreak havoc. Because this is a possibility, dentists rely on restorative dentistry to remove these threats and help protect your grin.

Indeed, restorative dentistry consists of any practice that mitigates infection or damage, reinforces your structures, and reverses complications that may have arisen. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, contact our office today.

Reinforcing Your Strength

One of the popular dental restorations often chosen for their ability to address a variety of concerns includes dental crown restorations. Indeed, these restorations can help reinforce your structural strength, as well as provide protection from harm. For instance, a crown – which is a hollow cap placed over an intended tooth – can protect teeth that have become weak, promote proper healing after a root canal or filling treatment, and can even keep bacteria and other concerns away from damaged structures. Give our team a call today to learn more about this process.

Lifelike Results

A major benefit of advanced dental technology is the ability to provide treatment with lifelike results. Indeed, we can create custom crown restorations that closely mimic the natural textures, shapes, and even hue of your grin so that you do not have to worry about noticeable treatment.

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