Mitigating Damage With Composite Fillings

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Protecting your smile is the ultimate goal of preventive dentistry. After all, there are countless oral health threats out there that impact the quality of your smile, and the only proven method to maintain a healthy smile for life is to practice a well-rounded preventive dental routine. Even still, you may be doing everything right to prioritize your health, but life may have other plans. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist takes a look at the way in which dental decay breaks down our teeth, and how dental fillings can mitigate significant damage.

The Threat of Decay

Just like many other oral health concerns, dental decay begins with hyperactive oral bacteria that wreak havoc on your smile. These microorganisms are present in every smile, and it is up to us to practice a well-rounded preventive routine to keep our smiles in tip-top health.

When oral bacteria are able to thrive, they feed off of the food and sugars that we consume, causing them to produce destructive acids. As time progresses, these bacteria actively eat away at your natural structure, causing a small hole known as a cavity to form.

Without treatment, these concerns will continue to worsen over time. In fact, they will work their way deeper into the inner dental pulp and damage your nerves. At this stage of the process, an individual will begin to experience functional complications as well as endure pain and sensitivity. If it progresses much more past this point, you could face the possibility of tooth extraction and loss. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Acting Sooner Rather than Later

It goes without saying that time is never on your side when it comes to dental decay, and acting sooner rather than later is imperative to how successful your treatment is. In order to mitigate the damage, you may endure from decay, your dentist will recommend treating the concern with a composite resin filling.

During this process, your dentist will take care to carefully and thoroughly remove the infected portions of the tooth, then fill the open cavity with a composite resin material. Once it has been shaped to satisfaction, the material is cured with a special light, and you are on your way.

Lifelike Restorations

Another major benefit that comes with composite resin is the ability to have it shade-matched to your natural smile. In other words, we take care to closely mimic the natural hue of your smile so that you can enjoy your gorgeous grin.

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