How Implants Provide Structural Stability

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Your smile is one of your greatest assets, and as such, it is important to take strides to keep your grin happy and healthy. This means taking steps to attend routine checkups, screen for oral cancer, and report any incidents of teeth grinding. Keep in mind, however, that while dental prevention is the foundation for a healthy grin, certain emergency situations and accidents may have other plans in mind. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist discusses what your next steps are in the event of a dislodged or missing tooth, and how dental implants can provide structural stability.

More Than a Cosmetic Issue

When experiencing a dental emergency, there oftentimes is not enough time to sit in shock. After all, an entire structure might have been completely dislodged, and the sooner you make your way to our office for us to treat the situation, the better off you will be. Indeed, oral bacteria and other germs can settle in very fast, and before you know it, you are dealing with a gum infection on your hands.

Although prosthetic dentistry is extremely helpful in restoring your smile in completion, it is also important to recognize the role that time plays on your oral health. You see, a dental implant will take better if your oral health is in tip-top condition, and it is for this reason that our team encourages you to brush, floss, and use mouthwash frequently.

In addition to the noticeable gap in your smile, your oral function and jaw structure are directly impacted by tooth loss as well. To learn more about your prosthetic dental options and how implants can help, give our team a call today.

Functional Benefits of Implant Posts

A popular solution to losing one or more oral structures includes the use of implant dentistry. You see, this process involves surgically placing a biocompatible titanium post into the jawbone, allowing the bone to heal around the post securely. This creates a connection similar to that of a tooth root and your jaw, allowing your crown to properly absorb the pressure of your bite.

After the implant post is placed, our team will secure a custom-created dental crown restoration to the post that offers lifelike accuracy. In other words, most will not even be able to tell that treatment was sought to begin with!

Benefitting Your Jaw and Health

In addition to restoring your oral function, a dental implant can help stimulate the jaw material that houses all of your teeth roots. This process is necessary for keeping your bone strong, and our biocompatible posts offer a relationship similar to that of a natural tooth root.

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