Caring For Your Smile While Sick

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Being able to utilize your oral structures to their full capabilities without any issues is ideal. Though consistent preventive care can help make this goal more achievable, sometimes restorative or prosthetic treatment is needed to address a spreading concern. Indeed, caring for your grin is a lifelong process, but it can become difficult to provide the same level of care in sickness as you would in health. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist takes a look at a few symptoms of illness that can actually influence your oral health in a negative manner.

Stay Hydrated

It goes without saying that, if given an opportunity to choose, nobody would opt to be ill. Indeed, getting sick creates a number of obstacles and hindrances to everyday tasks, including work, school families, and more. Needless to say, virtually everything becomes more of a chore than it has to be when you are ill. The same can be said for your oral health and hygiene, and providing the same quality of care you would while in good health may prove exhausting.

When it comes to getting sick, however, there are a few common symptoms that play a role in negative oral health effects. For example, dehydration is a common symptom that many do not even acknowledge is affecting them. What’s more? Dehydration and a dry mouth can serve as a breeding ground for oral bacteria, thus increasing your chances of developing an oral bacterial infection while ill.

In order to avoid the dangers of dehydration, the biggest piece of advice our team can provide is to stay hydrated! This helps nourish your body with necessary fluids, while also proving necessary protection for your smile. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

Swish and Spit

In addition to dehydration, many people may become physically ill and vomit when enduring a sickness. While nobody enjoys the process, sometimes it is necessary to help you feel better. Keep in mind, however, that the high amounts of acidity contained in bile can actually cause your protective dental enamel to wear away and erode. To protect your teeth from these dangers, simply swish and spit following a vomiting episode before you brush your teeth. Contact our team to learn more.

Beware of Unnecessary Sugars

Finally, it is important to make sure you are choosing the best over-the-counter options in terms of your family’s health. For example, many cough syrups contain unnecessary sugars. This can lead to a higher chance of enduring tooth decay and dental infection, potentially even diverting the need for prosthetic dentistry.

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