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Restorative dental procedures such as cavity fillings, root canals, and custom crown restorations are essential to addressing major threats to your oral health. After all, your smile is constantly under the scrutiny of more factors than can be counted on two hands, and sometimes these problems persist until they have compromised entire structures. Still, however, preventive dentistry is considered the name of the game when it comes to proper care, and a well-rounded routine is the crux of that. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist explains why you must attend regular dental checkups, as well as what you can expect from your next visit.

Necessary to Effective Prevention

Contrary to popular belief, your preventive routine consists of more than just brushing your teeth. While consistent brushing is a necessary part of the routine, keep in mind that it only cares for one area of your overall health. For example, your health is comprised of all aspects that make up your oral cavity. These include the teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, lips, throat, and tooth roots. That being said, brushing only benefits some of these areas, which is why it is important to practice care for the other areas as well.

Indeed, a well-rounded preventive dental routine should consist of brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing after meals, becoming educated on the ways certain foods and beverages interact with your structures and attending routine checkups and cleanings.

Most importantly, your checkups serve as an opportunity to identify concerns you were not even aware were there, as well as provide feedback on ways you can improve your routine for a healthier smile. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Dangers of Plaque Buildup

Looking at checkups and cleanings under an educational lens, it is important to note that your visit serves more purposes than just a cavity hunt. As a matter of fact, your cleaning plays an important role, too. During this portion of the visit, our team will carefully but thoroughly remove deposits of bacteria-laden plaque and tartar that have nestled into the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Following this, we will polish your teeth so that future plaque attachment will be difficult. Give our team a call to learn more.

Additional Concerns We Check

In addition to your examination and cleaning, we can provide an oral cancer screening as well. Believe it or not, oral cancer can affect anyone of any age, meaning it is not something you should only worry about if you smoke. Indeed, we examine your tissues, gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, and more for signs of rough red or white patches, bumps, lumps, and tooth loss.

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