A Reliable Tooth Replacement

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The prosthodontic repair of your smile after a tooth extraction could be your opportunity to place a newfound emphasis on your dental health. For some, the experience of losing a tooth can feel as though you have let yourself down, but if your dentist has suggested an extraction, know that it is for the greater health of your mouth. You also have accessible forms of replacement that are available for molars, canines, and incisors alike!

Take some time and speak with your qualified prosthodontist in Prairie Village and Overland Park, KS about your options. Appliance-based repair, such as a dental bridge, gives you the ability to chew again at the location of your missing tooth. This solution relies upon crowns placed on either side of your gap, with a hanging prosthetic between. Another approach is with a biocompatible dental implant, which derives its strength from a connection to the bone of the jaw itself. Talk with your provider about every avenue available in the replacement of your missing tooth.

Dental Bridges Bring Back Stability After An Instance Of Tooth Loss

A trusted form of prosthodontic replacement is with a dental brudge. This process aims to use two crowns on either side of your gap to hold a hanging prosthetic between, which looks and acts like a new tooth. With this approach, the repair stays above your gumline, which can be a benefit for some.

A bridge spreads the stress of chewing with the healthy abutment teeth, and so their durability is key in the success of the procedure. Talk with your provider about all of your current health concerns, to determine if there is the risk of future tooth loss. If so, a different approach may be more suited to your needs.

Discover A Sturdy Solution With A Connection To Your Jaw

If you are facing the possibility of future tooth loss, a dental implant provides a versatile option that builds its durability from the bone of your jaw. This is an increasingly popular solution, which could be beneficial for your smile. This option can be expanded to include future instances of loss around the area, up to and including a full mouth restoration of implant-supported dentures.

Talk More With Your Prosthodontist In Overland Park And Prairie Village

For more information, speak with your Overland Park and Prairie Village, KS prosthodontist, Dr. Stuart Dexter, DDS at (913)362-8200. Schedule your appointment with our team, and start your journey to a restored smile with the replacement of your missing tooth. Discuss whether a dental bridge is a positive choice for the lasting health of your smile, or if dental implants might suit your needs. There are available options in your repair, so start your path today!