Why Chronic Teeth-Grinding Is a Problem You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Most people might not consider teeth-grinding a problem. In fact, for most people, it isn’t, and the occasional times that they do it are nothing to be concerned about. However, if you experience bruxism, then grinding your teeth together all the time could be one of the most significant threats to your teeth and oral health. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes when they grind their teeth too much, and if bruxism if the cause of it, then there is no at-home remedy to address it.

Would you know if you were grinding your teeth too much?

The problem with bruxism is that the chronic grinding of your teeth it causes isn’t something you’ll always notice. It occurs subconsciously due to one or more underlying factors, and the few times that you do notice it may be few and far enough between that you don’t take note of it. If you exhibit nighttime bruxism, the action of grinding your teeth constantly may occur mainly at night, and you might never be aware of it. However, over time, the signs that you’re grinding your teeth too much will become much more noticeable, and include significant damage to your teeth, as well as other oral health conditions.

When it’s a problem you can’t control on your own

When you grind your teeth constantly and subconsciously, the problem isn’t just that you can’t stop yourself. You also can’t mitigate your bite’s pressure as your teeth are continuously forced against each other, and that pressure can be immense. It doesn’t take long for constant, uncontrolled teeth-grinding to start wearing down your teeth’s structures, or for the jaw joints and muscles that provide the force to become exhausted and strained. If left unchecked, your teeth-grinding problem could also lead to tooth damage and/or TMJ problems that require additional treatment to address.

What you may be able to do to address the problem

When you know that you have a bruxism problem, you can actively take steps to control it, just not on your own. For many people, nighttime bruxism can be successfully addressed with the help of a custom-designed oral appliance, which they can wear comfortably while they sleep at night. The appliance will prevent your upper and lower teeth from grinding against each other while you sleep, protecting them from any potential wear and damage. However, if you’ve already experienced tooth damage, then you may also require an appropriate restorative treatment in addition to wearing a custom-designed bruxism appliance.

Find out if you have a teeth-grinding problem

Grinding your teeth on a consistent basis could mean you have bruxism, which can lead to more serious problems for your oral health down the road. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us by calling the office of Dr. Stuart Dexter in Prairie Village, KS, today at 913-362-8200.