The Dangers Of Losing Natural Teeth

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When you have gaps in your smile from tooth loss, this could mean much more than just poor esthetics. Over time, the missing teeth could lead to problems eating and speaking, and with the strength and stability of your smile. Which is why your Prairie Village, KS, prosthodontist may recommend implant dentistry.

The Causes and Dangers of Tooth Loss

For some, a tooth could be lost due to an untreated cavity or possibly a dental infection. Injury could also be a cause. But the most frequent factor behind adult tooth loss is periodontitis, the later stage of gum disease. Without treatment to replace your missing teeth, the gap could lead to the onset of dental misalignment, strained jaw joints (and the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism), and the gradual weakening of the jaw following tooth loss could mean additional missing teeth and even a prematurely aged appearance. If you lose one tooth or several, even if years have elapsed since you lost them, you should see your prosthodontist for treatment options.

Planning Treatment

Our team is experienced in addressing tooth loss and rebuilding weakened jawbone structure. To begin, we will use advanced imaging systems to create detailed digital x-rays and more, which enables us to assess the strength of your jawbone and the extent of your tooth loss. We can also plan the placement of dental implants, choosing the perfect angle and position to support a new tooth and also stimulate the growth of jawbone tissue, which helps protect the smile and prevent missing teeth and an aged appearance.

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants involves first guiding the placement of biocompatible titanium posts into the jawbone, where it bonds with the structure like natural roots. This enables the new teeth to remain in place for decades to come, while traditional removable dentures need replacement every five years or so. Once the placement area heals, we can connect an abutment to the post that extends above the gum line. Next, we connect a dental crown to the post, or for those with multiple missing teeth, we could connect bridges or dentures to the posts. You can then enjoy proper bite function and an attractive appearance once again.

If you have any questions about avoiding the loss of your natural teeth, or about rebuilding your smile with implant technology, then contact our team today. We want to help you smile with confidence once again, and enjoy better oral health as a result.

Do You Have Lost Teeth?

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