The Benefits Of Dental Implants

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dental implants

dental implantsMissing a tooth — or several — is harmful for several reasons. For starters, it can make you feel self-conscious, causing you to feel the need to hide your smile. This is not healthy for your mental well-being and can feel suffocating. Additionally, missing a tooth can end up causing severe damage to your jawbone and face. Moreover, it can deprive the rest of your body of key nutrients. With this in mind, it is essential for filling in any gaps caused by missing teeth. Receiving dental implants is one of the best ways to replace teeth and provides a permanent, effective solution.  In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS, prosthodontist discusses everything you need to know about implants.

How Do They Work?

Dental implants are metal posts that are made from biocompatible titanium and are surgically placed beneath your gumline. This is to mimic the roots of your teeth. Over time, the posts fuse to your jawbone via a process called osseointegration. This fusing process typically takes between four and six weeks. Once they are fully secured, Dr. Stuart Dexter can then attach a prosthetic, like dentures or a bridge, so you can chew and bite effectively. All of our prosthetics are made from color-matched, life-like porcelain, so they will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. 

What Are The Benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is their permanence. Once you have them placed, you won’t have to worry about them shifting or becoming dislodged. Similarly, over time, you likely won’t even notice they are present, and it is always nice to have one less thing on your mind. As noted earlier, implants can also help maintain the health of your jawbone. When you are missing teeth, your jaw isn’t sufficiently stimulated, which can lead to it losing density. When this occurs, you could require more serious procedures like ridge augmentation and a sinus lift. It can also cause your face to sink inwards. Receiving dental implants quickly after losing teeth is essential for preventing these outcomes.

What To Expect From The Procedure

When you come in for implant surgery, we will fully sedate you, so you will not feel any pain or discomfort. Next, we will carefully insert the titanium posts into your jawbone, which should only take about an hour. While the implants will fuse to your jaw in several weeks, it will be a couple of months for your jawbone to fully heal. Once it does fuse, we will fit it with a crown, bridge, or the appropriate prosthetic for your specific needs.

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