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After nearly a year of suffering, to the point that my jaw was literally our of joint every morning, I was ready to try almost anything. Luckily, my primary dentist referred me to Dr. Dexter. Dr. Dexter recommended an occlusal adjustment. At my next appointment, he spent about 45 min painlessly reshaping several teeth, resulting in very slight adjustments to my bite. Literally the next morning, my jaw was not out of joint when I woke up! I have since had a second appointment where Dr. Dexter made some minor adjustment. At this point, my TMJ symptoms have nearly completely disappeared, and I am confident they won’t come back. Thank you for having the knowledge, skills and most of all, patience, to fix this debilitating problem!Pam

I am truly in awe. Dr. Dexter and all of his associates are absolutely amazing people. He was so helpful. He made sure I was comfortable, and he kept me informed every step of the way. He explained all of the technical parts of everything he was doing, and I felt like I was well taken care of. I have never been more confident with my smile. I would recommend him 10-fold. Quality!Azrene M.

Dr. Dexter is the best dentist ever! He is very particular. If you want a dentist who cares about their work, this is the doctor you want. His work is beautiful & very natural looking. He is a specialist so be prepared to be amazed. He has all the latest technology. Don’t let other dentists make you think they are specialists. Run, don’t walk to his office!Sam N.

BEST dentist EVER!!! He can make dentures that don’t look like dentures and they actually fit and function! You can eat things most people in dentures can’t!! Implants placed and you barely know he did anything. Little to NO discomfort!!! Not only do things look great, they feel great and function great! If you haven’t been to see him you should! Hands down the BEST!Anonymous

Dr. Dexter remade my partial denture and secured with Dental implants. Super great fitting and comfortable. Implants were easy with no pain.William B.

Having to get a tooth implant is scary. Having to get an implant after going through two unsuccessful implants is terrifying. Having Dr. Dexter and his team doing an implant is miraculous. No hyperbole. From the first appointment the sophisticated care and technology is evident in Dr. Dexter’s office. The process is now complete and the implants are esthetically near perfect 99.9 per cent…blending naturally with existing teeth and crowns. More important the bone regrowth and appearance of surrounding tissue are healthy and remarkable. Painless, professional, team effort, this is the only place I would go. My background is in dentistry.Patty S.