Dental Inlays and Onlays Can Repair Tooth Cavities

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If a molar or premolar develops a large area of tooth decay, your oral health could become significantly compromised. It’s important that Dr. W. Stuart Dexter repair the cavity as soon as possible to prevent a more serious dental problem. If you suspect one or more teeth has a cavity or you have developed some sensitivity, we encourage you to see the dentist.

Our team of professionals often repair tooth decay that developed on the back teeth with a dental inlay or dental onlay.

Typically, we use porcelain material for dental inlays and onlays, but these types of filling differ in terms of size and location to repair tooth decay. We can use inlays to repair a cavity that developed on the biting surface of the back teeth. Onlays may be needed if you have a larger area of tooth decay that has developed beyond the biting surface to the tooth sides.

If the tooth has suffered a lot of decayed enamel or a previous large dental filling has been lost, you may not have enough healthy tooth structure to support a new filling. This means a dental crown may be more optimal for the tooth. Our dentist would remove remaining tooth enamel so that the tooth becomes an abutment and a dental lab can prepare a permanent dental crown.

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