Oral Surgery to Remove a Frenulum

If you experience problems with enunciating your speech, often referred to as “tongue-tie” due to the specific sounds you make, then a frenectomy may be the answer to helping you improve it. Tongue-tie is often the result of an improperly formed oral frenulum, which is a type of connective tissue between the different parts of your mouth. Depending on the severity of your condition, your problem may also inhibit your bite from functioning properly, making it difficult to eat certain foods as well as enunciate your words clearly. After a comprehensive examination, we can help you determine if a frenectomy can help you improve your speech and overall bite function.

How a frenectomy helps you

A frenectomy is an oral/maxillofacial surgery that involves carefully removing the frenulum that causes your oral health problems. For example, the labial frenulum, which connects your upper lip to the gums that cover your upper front teeth, might also cause issues such as gum recession, or the appearance of a gummy smile. The right surgical treatment can help you overcome these and other issues in a conservative and minimally invasive manner.

Learn if a frenectomy is right for you

If you experience speech problems, such as “tongue-tie,” then a frenectomy may be appropriate for helping you overcome it. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with us, call the office of Dr. Stuart Dexter in Prairie Village, KS, today at 913-362-8200.